The Institut français: French School of the World

The "Institut français" (Cultural Service of the French Ministry of foreign affairs, the first of which was created in Florence in 1907) and the “Alliances françaises” (local associations supported by France, the first of which was created in Paris in 1883) are the official language centers of the French Republic throughout the world. Our goal is to bring the French language nearer to all those who wish to learn it.

The Institut français of Russia in Moscow was created in 1992. Each year, it welcomes more than 3,000 students to its courses and more than 2,000 candidates to its exams.

  • The Institut français is a French language expert: it teaches French only, it also fosters all kinds of French courses whatever the public needs
  • The Institut français has always participated in pedagogical research worldwide to facilitate and accelerate language-learning
  • The Institut français seeks to make justice to French expertise and to establish an impeccable administrative and pedagogical service
  • The Institut français is not for profit: its revenue is used through cultural events and its courses and language exams service the people of Russia
  • The Institut français is a global network, one which collects an entire international experience and has strong links with similar groups abroad like Goethe Institut, Instituto Cervantes, Istituto italiano di cultura, British CouncilCentre culturel russe à Paris, etc.)